English for Academic Purposes

The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program prepares students for further study in Australian high schools, foundation studies programs and TAFE courses and for university study at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
The EAP program is offered at two levels:
EAP1 - Upper Intermediate
EAP2 - Pre-Advanced

Each level follows a 10-week curriculum, with mid-course intakes permitted. After students have completed one of these programs, they generally go on to an IELTS preparation program for 10 weeks.

The EAP curriculum covers:

Writing skills for academic purposes:
 - Writing: summaries, essays, reports, term papers.
 - Introduction to research, planning and editing skills.
 - Presentation skills including using academic conventions.
 - Note-taking.

Reading skills for academic purposes:
 - Introduction to academic materials: articles and texts.
 - Skimming, scanning and speed reading.
 - Interpretation of graphs, diagrams and charts.
 - Reading for main points and for specific information.
 - Prediction.
 - Understanding purpose and intent.
 - Extension of vocabulary for further studies.

Introduction to research skills:
 - Study techniques.
 - Time use.
 - Planning for a task.
 - Assignment preparation.
 - Listening skills for lectures and tutorials.
 - Note-taking skills.

Presentation skills:
 - Introduction to oral presentation skills.
 - Oral presentations to groups in class.


Key details

Level: Upper Intermediate and Pre-Advanced
Duration: 10 weeks per level
Hours: 25 hours per week which includes 5 hours supervised in the Independent Learning Centre (ILC)
Class size: 12-18 students
Five reasons to study EAP at Hawthorn
1Develop the English skills you need to succeed in an Australian education environment.
2Learn from experienced teachers skilled in using the latest and most effective teaching methods.
3Share a serious study environment with other motivated students from around the world.
4Hawthorn-Melbourne has a full time Further Studies Advisor who can help students wanting to study in Australia.
5Hawthorn-Melbourne is endorsed by the University of Melbourne as a provider of English language preparation courses for academic studies.